Endless miles of aquamarine coastline, sun-bleached ancient ruins, strong feta and stronger ouzo – the Greek landscape thrills,
                           and the Greek people are passionate about politics, coffee, art and gossiping.

                           It’s easy to understand how so many myths of gods and giants originated in this vast and varied landscape, with wide open skies and
                           a sea speckled with islands, where days melt from one to the next while you relish the white-sand and palm-fringed beaches.
                           Greece is a magnet for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. Wander along cobbled, Byzantine footpaths, hike into volcanoes,
                           watch for dolphins and sea turtles, and cycle through lush forests. Discover world-class kite-surfing, diving and rock-climbing
                           locations or simply hop on a boat and set sail into the glittering blue beyond.

                           Greece is a country that will fill your imagination. It is the birthplace of Democracy, home of the Olympics, a culinary delight and yet so
                           much more too. It is a unique country with warm and friendly people, where ancient culture and modernity easily mingle together.
                           It will provide you with an experience that encompasses history dating back to the cradle of western civilization, yet offers you all
                           of the modern comforts that you could possibly desire.

                           Enriched by the beauty, inspired by the history, thrilled by the memories of beautiful food and wine. If holidays are a dream commodity,
                           Greece is a dream come true. It is a land of bleached limestone ridges, brown hills, olive groves and an incredible collection of bays and
                           coves lapped by green and turquoise seas. It is the cradle of western civilization, origin of our drama, much of our history,
                           the Olympic Games and birthplace of democracy.

                           Discover Greece with the experts. 

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