Portugal is a diverse country, populated by warm and friendly people. It is the most westerly part of the European mainland but also extends south and west into the Atlantic Ocean to the island archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores, respectively.

Portugal, one of the world’s most ancient nations and the Eternal land for poets and adventurers, is a wonderful place to enjoy life thanks to a healthy, inviting climate and to the friendly, hospitable people with a unique and rich cultural heritage. The beauty of the nature surrounding us has its roots in the diversity of landscapes that coexist, from the parks and nature reserves, to the natural monuments, nearly always to be found in protected areas.

This relatively small country, which in earlier centuries was one of the European great powers, offers a wide range of both scenic and cultural tourist attractions which are still relatively little known.

Timeless and cosmopolitan Lisbon or Lisboa, an historic yet contemporary European capital, captures every visitor with its charm and beauty. In the north-western part of the country lies this land of dense vegetation and profound historic wealth. The inheritance of a distant past is seen everywhere.

The climatically favored southern end, the Algarve, with its beautiful sandy beaches and rugged cliffs. In the interior of the country, tourists will find many culturally and historically interesting towns, villages and abbeys, as well as a wide range of varied and beautiful scenery – hills, valleys and plateaus – in every region of Portugal. Because we are proud of Portugal and welcome our visitors, we are happy to share our great country with you.

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