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Terms and Conditions
The purchase of any hotel accommodation, packages, air only, cruises, coach tours and car rentals, excursions, (hereinafter referred to as « services ») offered by SKYWAY TOURS constitutes a contractual agreement between SKYWAY TOURS and the customer and implies your acceptances of our terms and conditions described here below.
Reservations & Deposits:
Your Travel Agent should make all reservations and payments on your behalf. We will book the services requested. However, sometimes if we are unable to confirm such services, you will be offered the most suitable alternative. Once accepted by you, a non-refundable deposit of minimum $500 per person is required.
Final Payment:
Final payment is due 60 days prior to your departure. We reserve the right to cancel your booking if full payment is not received within the required period. Bookings made within 60 days of departure are payable in full at time of booking.
Payment by Credit Cards:
Your verbal authorization, given to your Travel Agent or to us directly, for the use of your credit card indicates your compliance with our booking conditions and confirms your reservation whether or not you have actually signed the appropriate authorization form. In the case where the traveler pays with a third person credit card, a written proof of consent must be provided. Once a credit card has been forwarded to SKYWAY TOURS to guarantee a reservation, the travel agent becomes responsible for payment and must keep a signed copy of the customer’s authorization on file. In the event that a cardholder refuses to honour a charge due to the absence of signature, the Travel Agent will be held responsible for full payment of the services.
Cancellations & Refunds:
Should you wish to cancel your booking, your Travel Agent must notify us in writing. No cancellation
or changes are allowed after departure. Cancellations are subject to the following charges:

  • Up to 60 days prior to departure: Your deposit of $500 per person (or the amount paid as deposit)
  • 59-46 days prior to departure: 50%
  • 45-31 days prior to departure: 75%
  • 30 days prior to departure: 100%

Travel Insurance:
We strongly recommend customers purchase travel insurance that covers the risks associated with travelling to a foreign country such as emergency medical assistance and hospitalization as well as cancellations coverage and lost baggage. Consult with your Travel Agent for the plan best suited to your needs.
SKYWAY TOURS reserves the right to increase its rates in the event of increases caused by a devaluation of the Canadian dollar, fuel surcharges imposed by transportation companies and government imposed taxes.
Taxes and Service Charges:
All tour packages are subject to various charges, such as destination hotel taxes and service charges, port taxes on cruises, local government taxes, handling charges as well as on packages inclusive of an airfare, airport taxes, security fees and departure tax. All such charges, as known at the time of printing, are included in a SKYWAY TOURS package price. However, such charges are subject to change and unless a holiday package is fully paid any such increase will be paid by the passenger.
Air Transportation:
In order to obtain the lowest possible airfare for you, SKYWAY TOURS has negotiated special advance purchase fares that have travel restrictions, modifications restrictions and cancellation provisions. Your Travel Agent will be notified of any conditions that may apply at the time your reservation is confirmed.

Registration at the airport: You must present yourself at the airport for check-in at least 3 hours prior to your scheduled departure. Seat assignment is provided upon check-in.

Air carriers have individual rules and regulations with respect to baggage weight, size and number. Customers must consult with their travel agent for applicable restrictions. Customers participating to one of our coach tours have are allowed one piece of baggage not exceeding 20 kilos. Passenger’s baggage and property are transported, stored and handled at owner’s risk at all time.
Unused Services:
No refunds or adjustments will be made for any unused or incomplete service. All air tickets are non-refundable, valid only for the flights indicated and cannot be exchanged for other flights.
Brochure Descriptions:
Every effort is made to ensure that, at the time of publication, all descriptions in the present brochure are accurate. If for several reasons beyond our control modifications can take place during the season which may affect brochure descriptions. Consequently, all information contained herein is subject to change or correction. It is the travel agent’s responsibility to advise the customer of these modifications. All photographs appearing in the brochure is to be used solely as an example. Customers are advised to make their selection according to price, location and services offered. Decor and furnishings may vary from room to room or form cabin to cabin, in accordance with the individual location on the hotel premises or on the ship.
Included Services:
The services included are those describe specifically in the package, everything else is excluded.
Not included:
All personnel expenses are optional, optional insurances and car rental related insurances.
The names of hotels mentioned in our brochure are given as indication, hotels will be confirmed when we communicate our confirmation. Although, we reserve the right to replace those hotels with similar ones. Hoteliers and cruise lines are solely responsible for room/cabin allocation, in accordance with category reserved by customers.
Accommodation rating:
Some events are part of normal unpleasant occurrences which can happen when travelling abroad. Clients recognize such events and assume its consequences by agreeing not to hold SKYWAY TOURS responsible. Hotel ratings are provided and established by the Local Tourist Organizations in accordance with local standards and may be different from North American standards. Air conditioning in some European hotels is usually turned off during the off-peak season, unless it becomes necessary due to unusual heat wave. If your package includes a cruise holiday in the Greek Islands and you have recently used a Caribbean cruise, you should be made aware that the accommodation standards are different between the two products. To maintain the quality of services, hotel complexes must regularly undergo maintenance, improvement, renovation work and, in some instances, consider expansion. SKYWAY TOURS cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience caused to the client.
Our services consist of several components provided by independent suppliers. In the event that any component is changed while on tour, our local representatives will try to give you the earliest possible notice and offer alternative arrangements of an equal value. If you utilize these new arrangements, it will be taken as your acceptance of the changes as full compensation of the cancelled or altered services. If you encounter a problem while abroad you must inform us, and our local Agent, immediately so that we may be able to rectify the problem. We will not accept any later claims since the problem may be difficult to rectify once you have returned home. If any matter is not resolved you must notify us in writing within 21 days of the completion of your tour. We accept no responsibility beyond the refund of the unused portion and such refund will be deemed to constitute full settlement.
All passengers are requested to have a valid passport. Certain countries require that the passport be valid for six (6) months beyond the date of return to Canada. It is the passenger’s responsibility to determine and obtain all documentation required by all relevant government authorities such as passport, visas etc… If the travel documents are not in order the carrier, be this an airline or a cruise company, reserve the right to refuse passage with no refund issued in such cases. Special conditions apply to children travelling alone or with one parent. Please consult your travel agent.
Our Responsibility:
SKYWAY TOURS acts as your agent in booking the services offered in this brochure, including transportation, sightseeing, excursions, cruises, hotel accommodation and car rentals. The carriers, hotel, car rental companies, cruise companies and other suppliers are independent contractors and are in no way affiliated with SKYWAY TOURS. We are not responsible for changes imposed on us by such suppliers. We are responsible in providing you with the services booked. However, all vouchers and other travel documents issued by us are subject to the terms and conditions specified by the supplier and to the laws of the country in which the services are rendered. In case the services you booked could not be supplied, we will endeavour to arrange comparable alternative services and any resulting additional expense should be payable by you while in the event of any resulting cost reduction should be refunded to you. If a tour is cancelled we have no responsibility beyond the refund of monies paid by you for that specific tour component. You agree that neither us or our affiliates shall be liable for any damage, loss (including personal injury, whether physical or mental, death and property loss) or expenses occurred by an act of God or an act or omission of any other person. In no event is SKYWAY TOURS liable for damages exceeding the amounts of monies paid by you for the services you requested and booked.

NOTE: Prices published in this brochure are in Canadian dollars and are valid from January 15 to March 15, 2017.

Prices may change following an increase of taxes and charges authorized by a competent Government authority. Total cost of the services offered in this brochure include the GST and the provincial sales taxes, when applicable and exclude the Provincial (Quebec) contribution of $ 1.00 per $ 1000 services representing the consumer contribution to the Indemnity Fund of the Travel Agent.





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