Villas in Santorini


Santorini, an island of many colors:
blue for the sky and sea, white for the houses and whitewashed narrow roads
and red for love, the sunset, the steep hills and the caldera.
An island of contrasts: the bustling shops and quiet fields where organic products are grown,
the long winding set of steps and the simplicity of curved arches,
modern hotel amenities and the traditional mule rides for visitors coming to Fira from the old port.



RED Villa is an ultra-luxury villa situated in a private land of 4000 sq. meters in Imerovigli Santorini, overlooking the volcano and the sunset.
Panoramic views, privacy, serenity, comfort, style and luxury are the distinctive characteristics of this villa.
With no neighbors next door it offers maximum seclusion, privacy and panoramic views all around the island.
Being the home of a renowned Greek architect who lives on the island, has been designed combining the Santorinian
traditional vaulted ceilings with futuristic lines and forms.


The TC Villa is a new 80 m2 luxury villa located on the edge of the Caldera cliff, in Firostefani, Santorini
When you walk in, you’re so dazzled by the beauty that you’re unsure whether the vision before you has just risen foam-flecked from the sea or wafted in on the air. In fact, the building stands firmly on the black Theran land, flirting with the salt air and caressing the sky. Sulfur, salt, water… Elements with the power of alchemy join in the exciting game of transmutation that its owner knows so well…


Native Eco Villa is a luxury 136 m2 (1506 ft2) two story villa, located on the rim of the cliff at the picturesque village of Imerovigli in Santorini, with the world’s most beautiful scenery. Easily accessible, claims the best spot on the bay. It is constructed following the unique architecture of the Island without any corners and with soft and earthy colors.

The Native Eco Villa is the first house that acquired the title “Green Key” on the island of Santorini for the ecological way that has been built, hence its name. In an environment so unique and yet so sensitive as the only habitable caldera in the world, the Villa was built with absolute respect to the particular characteristics of the natural environment.


Blessed by the Gods, Santorini is a divine place that exceeds its worldwide reputation.
Light, water, volcanic rock, “infinite blue”… Nature is magnificent, yet within human measure. Its magic is immense, it’s eternal beauty, engaging.
Wow! A frameless window to the eternal beauty, the absolute setting to say “I will love you forever…” with divine inspiration.
Unleash your spirit: Imagine, meditate, dine and entertain. Share the experience with family and friends.

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